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Anorexia en las redes sociales, una problemática cada vez más común

Hay que ser honestos, siempre hemos dudado de la realidad detrás de las fotos de Instagram. Esos cuerpos perfectos y tonificados, incluso cuando las “influencers” son extremadamente delgadas. ¿Es Photoshop? o ¿Tienen un problema alimenticio?

Nunca podremos saberlo, excepto en determinadas ocasiones, en que las mismas protagonistas lo confiesan. 

That look you give hubs when he says "cancel the dinner reservation, we're ordering pizza tonight." What's your favorite pizza flavor? #EmbraceYourReal

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Así es el caso de Julie Ledbetter, una ex chica fitness que confesó que mantener una figura ideal se convirtió en un trastorno.

“Pesaba 50 kilos, y medía 1,72… aún así me sentía gorda.”

Julie Ledbetter

Lean does not equal healthy. I repeat lean DOES NOT equal healthy‼️ I remember there was a time that I aimed for the leanest, most shredded physique thinking that it would make me “healthiest”. Gosh, that was furthest from the truth…‍♀️ Sadly, the stage-lean physique has been idolized as “healthy” in this industry. PLEASE stop thinking that veins, defined muscles and abs = HEALTH because they don’t. There are more and more women in particular coming out sharing their stories about what competing (short term goal) and putting their body in a severe caloric deficits has done for their long-term health. Hormonal issues, digestion issues, depression, and much more. Health is NOT lean, in fact “healthy” is defined as possessing a sound and vigorous mentality. So why is it that most of society equates HEALTH as LEAN? Sadly it’s because appearance is enticing. As you can see, my “healthiest” body definitely carrying more body fat than my leanest physique, I don’t have as defined shoulder or abs, but I can tell you I’ve never FELT healthier (mentally, physically and emotionally) in my life. Hitting PRs in the gym, finding a sustainable routine for both my training and nutrition that EXCITES me every day to become a better version of myself has been key. Please note, that I am NOT saying that all people with lean physiques are not heathy, everyone’s genetics are different, but what I AM saying is quit looking at a lean physique and immediately thinkingTHAT is healthy. Quit picking yourself apart sister, find your own healthy. Questions to ask yourself when digging deep are: Can I maintain this lifestyle (training & nutrition) for longer than 2 years? How is my mentality? Am I too busy obsessing about an ideal physique that I am not able to celebrate where I’m at right now? Do I truly enjoy what I’m doing or has it become a chore? Friendly reminder that YOU own your lifestyle, it doesn’t or shouldn’t own you! Tag a friend who needs to see this♥️ #EmbraceYourReal #FindYourHealthy

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Después fue el turno de Alexis Ren. La modelo que tenía el cuerpo más buscado y reposteado de las redes cómo  #goals (metas) o #fitnessinspo (inspiración fitness), no era nada inspiradora en realidad, y confesó que su cuerpo no era más que un producto de su obsesión por ser perfecta. Comía muy poco y se ejercitaba de más por miedo a engordar.

Bruises and all ✌

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Hoy en día dice haberse recuperado, pero sus redes sociales no dicen lo mismo…

wanna be your vision

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